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Marcelle Gammal


Businesses are under immense pressure to perform. The business environment is in continual change; the challenges involved in delivering consistent results are enormous. My philosophy centres on helping clients build an effective framework for their business; a framework that allows them to conquer the ever-changing environment. To realise this philosophy, I am committed to working to understand the goals my clients have set for their business, and then defining and delivering the strategy that meets those goals. I help organisations control costs and maximise margins, while at the same time ensuring that top talent is retained, and staff performance is optimised. Every step of the way, my commitment is to partner with CEO’s and CHRO’s to ensure that the best possible outcome is delivered to all stakeholders.

Marcelle Gammal


My secret weapon is future proofing your business…

In a world where disruption is inevitable – and reinvention is critical – a vital responsibility of any business’ CEO’s & Senior Leadership teams, is to ensure that their businesses are ready for whatever the future may bring. MARCELLE GAMMAL is a commercial Human Resources and Change Consultant who specialises in transforming small and medium-sized businesses within the FMCG, Retail and Media / Entertainment sector. Giving them the real read on their business and helping them future-proof their organisation.

Change Management



The reason for the change is often clear to a business … sometimes there is a burning platform to fix a problem and sometimes there is a burning ambition for transformation. Successful change can only happen when the right structures are in place, and the right tools are used. I have partnered with CEO’s across multiple industries to successfully inspire and manage change. I am able to couple strategic thinking with project management to deliver real, effective, outcomes. I will work with you to manage all phases of the change program – beginning with organisation design, right through to the process and systems that will support your business for success.

People Intelligence



Every business is unique; every business has its own IP, structures and institutional knowledge. A typical ‘out of the box’ evaluation is simply insufficient to fully understand every aspect of your business. So each HR evaluation I design is bespoke – tailored specifically to your business, and your business alone.

I start with auditing your people practices. I work with you and your team to understand what works – and what doesn’t – before identifying specific gaps where workforce transformation has the best potential to positively impact your business, to help you to achieve your business goals.

Tapping into your people’s intelligence allows me to reshape your productivity in ways that work with them. The result? Experience shows that profitability improves – by as much as 25% over 18 months; and that staff engagement soars, in some cases by up to 65%.

Leadership for Productivity




Leadership can make or break an organisation. Good leadership brings growth and success; poor leadership can harm an organisation.

In my experience, success with designing and developing leadership capability and alignment comes down to, two important factors.  Firstly, having the right leaders in the right roles with the right behaviours and secondly, timing! I can work with you to determine the right leadership program for your team as well as the right time to kick it off.

I redesigned and rebuilt the entire leadership structure for a media company. The restructure was delivered within the timeframe requested. The result? The revised structure transformed the business. Leadership capability dramatically improved; talent engagement soared. A real performance culture developed. This led to an 85% reduction in staff turnover, and a 35% increase in revenues.


Communication is the backbone of all organisations. Effective communication collaboration allows leaders to successfully navigate and deliver their strategies – even when they are accountable to multiple stakeholders in matrixed organisations.

With extensive experience working with corporations such as Twentieth Century Fox, National Geographic and Universal Pictures, I am able to coach leaders at all levels to communicate effectively and collaboratively. The result? Efficient, accurate reporting to all levels of management, yielding outstanding outcomes.

My experience in coaching effective communication collaboration is both invaluable and unique and is especially important as organisations increase in complexity.


Planning for future succession is critical to the success of your company. Investing in future leaders, mapping career paths, identifying top talent for future leadership – all of these are vital to ensuring the future of your organisation. As importantly, they will ensure that institutional knowledge and IP are retained within your organisation, where they belong.

I have successfully designed succession planning frameworks for many international companies. The result? High potential executive transfers, sound career mapping leading to successful internal promotions, and top talent identified and retained as future leaders.

I will work with you to develop a robust Talent Planning framework. This can be focused on your executive leadership team exclusively, or it can be filtered throughout your company.

Culture & Engagement



Sometimes the difficulty is understanding exactly what it is your business really needs. Significant change is expensive and can be disruptive. More to the point, depending on the circumstance, major change may not be what your business needs.

Perhaps all that is required is a realignment of your business’s culture?

As an experienced HR Consultant, I have partnered with CEO’s Senior Leadership teams, to analyse the current pulse of their organisations. This has allowed me, along with them, to build plans that have transformed their companies’ culture and engagement. Together, we have created results-oriented action plans that are realistic, with timelines that are achievable.

I will develop incentives and programs that overcome obstacles, and that transform your culture and engagement. The result? Your staff will be freed to reach their full potential, driving your business’s performance to new levels.



Is your business ready for the change it needs?
Sourcing & Resourcing



Business cannot stagnate; cannot stand still. Consumer demand changes; new technologies and opportunities appear – all of which requires agility. The challenge? For your business to be agile, your workforce must be agile as well. And creating workforce agility can be, in a word, difficult. When the time comes to engineer the changes your workforce needs, I am the one to call on. I will undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your business, allowing you to see what is really required – whether that be sourcing new intelligence; or facilitating leadership of your workforce to allow them to reach their potential. My methodology seamlessly implements; it creates change; it unlocks growth. And doing that increases the agility of your business, helping it reach its true potential.

HR Consulting



Successful change starts from the ground up. And that means that to achieve the results my clients – and you – expect, I need to get into the trenches with you. I need to fully understand the commercial, operational and financial goals that are vital to you so that together we can find the strategies and structures that your business needs. Any strategy I deliver must be consistent – must align – with the goals that you have set for your organisation. The key to my repeated success is my ability to understand how to put the puzzle together; how to drive real change and yet allow you to achieve the commercial goals that are vital to your business. The resulting strategies change businesses. I have rewritten business and HR strategies for global and national companies, resulting in simplified practices and increased engagement. More than that, successfully managing change has delivered operational savings, which in turn has allowed these companies to retain talent that might otherwise have been lost.

20+ years of HR. 12+ years of Leadership


As with any business, my extensive experience is one critical factor that has driven my success.

I have operated in the HR field for over 20 years, both nationally and internationally. I have worked in the Asia Pacific and European markets, and have been involved in setting up territories in areas as diverse as China, Korea, Japan, Russia and the UK.

My long history has given me an in-depth knowledge of global HR practice, which has resulted in CEO’s routinely engaging me to create strategies to overcome problems their businesses face. I have then been able to turn those strategies into workable and successful action plans.

I am committed to achieving my client’s outcomes within the timeframes set. This comes from a strong desire to exceed my client’s expectations, which in turn is motivated by my personal drive and determination. I am action oriented, focused on taking a hands-on approach to ensure that my strategies are fully implemented.

And my results are there for all to see. I have been able to forge many long-term relationships with national and international clients; relationships that have seen me retained as a ‘go-to’ consultant long after the implementation of my original strategies has been completed.


I worked alongside Marcelle Gammal for the 7 years she was Executive Director, HR at 20th Century Fox, Asia Pacific. As Marcelle and I had a strong working relationship, Fox Networks Group and I engaged with Marcelle in September 2016 as a Human Resources Consultant to support our business leaders in Australia. Marcelle provides overall HR solutions from HR Strategy Planning to Organizational Development, from Leadership development to coaching & mentoring. Marcelle is a strategic and confident senior HR professional who has built a very strong rapport with all levels within the organization. She is able to provide realistic and balanced advice to support our leaders in making better decisions when it comes to their People. I am very happy to recommend her services to any client she engages with.

Linda Hui
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Fox Networks Group, Asia Pacific, Middle East

We brought Marcelle Gammal in to employ a new team in her role as a Human Resources Consultant, but what we got was so much more. Marcelle understands business, and how to blend company objectives with building a culture that supports those objectives. She thinks strategically and is a rare, no-nonsense, efficient operator. She is a confident mentor and coach for much more than HR consultant. Marcelle provides enormous value to our organisation. I feel secure knowing that I have an extraordinary resource I can tap into when required.

Gordon Young
Epiphany Learning

Marcelle has really guided me during a turning point in my career. She is a supportive sounding board, helping me to set clear goals and consider new ways of approaching HR challenges while encouraging me to trust in myself. Marcelle has a nice balance between being knowledgeable, professional and very approachable. I have found her guidance and approachability refreshing and down to earth, and consider myself lucky to have her in my corner.

Paula Coutts
Head of People & Culture
Funtastic Ltd

Marcelle was an extraordinary HR business partner to me over multiple years running the Asia Pacific business. She offered incredible insight and leadership, particularly when it came to difficult restructures in challenging markets, establishing new operating territories and employee performance management. When it came to strategy or tactical execution, her attention to detail and follow-through were second to none. As a direct result of her abilities, Marcelle earned a seat at the table in our senior leadership team, which is not something that was historically part of the HR function.

Trevor Fernandez
Vice President
Finance & Operations APAC, 20th Century Fox
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